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Jennifer Hoover

Twitter. #Hoover4CampHill

Jennifer Hoover believes a thriving community makes a difference in our lives— and all Borough residents, regardless of income, address or social status deserve a healthy, safe, and connected community.

As a resident of Camp Hill Borough, Hoover is passionate about helping residents succeed in influencing decisions, ensuring they feel confident to drive change and action within their community, standing up for the safety and welfare of residents, as well as linking the future of our Borough to the foundation upon which it was built.

Hoover understands that election to Borough Council conveys a great deal of power and responsibility. She believes council should act on behalf of its residents and work hard to ensure our municipality is financially resilient and resource conscious, as well as promotes safe, convenient, and healthy transportation choices for bicyclists, pedestrians, and others. Hoover is also an advocate for open government and supporter of neighborhood-friendly development, previously forming Safe Streets Camp Hill with assistance and support from Camp Hill residents.

Hoover has spent her career cultivating valuable skills that will help her serve the constituents of Camp Hill Borough. From research to policy development to advocacy, she has a unique combination of experiences she looks forward to using in support of our Borough's long-term success. During her 20 plus years' experience as a government relations and public affairs professional, she has worked for the PA House of Representatives where she examined proposed and current laws, drafted legislation, and assisted constituents. As Director of Governmental Relations for the state's public higher education system, Hoover ushered to completion a System-wide economic impact study and enactment of sweeping reform legislation. She holds degrees from Pennsylvania State University and California University of Pennsylvania in Public Policy/Law and Legal Studies.

Jennifer resides in Camp Hill Borough and is the mother of two children. She is an active member of the community. As a Board member and marketing chair of The Lion Foundation, Jennifer helped the foundation to communicate its value and encourage fundraising. She has also served as advisor and editor for the Camp Hill Elementary Yearbook. In 2018, Hoover received the Volunteer of the Year Award from Camp Hill Little League for her work as the league's communication officer. She is a lifetime member of the Historical Society of Camp Hill. Already, her regular attendance at Borough Council meetings are a sign of her willingness to fully understand matters that affect not only the residents within our Borough, but also our neighbors in nearby municipalities. She is hardworking and deeply committed to putting residents' best interests first.

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