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Melanie Gurgiolo <

I have lived in Camp Hill for 24 years, and my husband Mike and I have three children – two Camp Hill graduates and one in 6th grade. I have a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, which I currently put to use as the education director at Mount Calvary Episcopal Church in Camp Hill. I initially ran for a seat on the school board because I am passionate about education and committed to maintaining our district’s excellence and independence, and I have devoted myself to these goals over the past four years. As a board member I have led the Curriculum Committee and the Equity Advocacy Council and served on the Recreation Commission Board, CAIU Board, Policy Committee, and Earl Besch ad hoc committee, and my experience has taught me that being a school director requires a commitment to teamwork, the willingness to listen and learn, and a substantial commitment of time and effort in order to be an effective contributor to the efforts of each group. I believe I have demonstrated the energy, attitude, and dedication required of a school director, and I would be honored to be selected by the residents of Camp Hill to continue to serve on their behalf.

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