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The mission of Camp Hill Democrats is to promote the ideals, the policies, and the candidates of the Democratic Party. We exist to give Democrats in Camp Hill opportunities to join with like-minded people to achieve the election of Democrats at all levels. 

Our History

Almost 20 years ago, the Chair of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee suggested to a Camp Hill Borough resident that he organize an informal group of Democrats. The purpose was to create a more visible presence and make their voices heard. Over the next few years, more and more people were attracted to this group. Sign-up tables were visible at the polls, we had area leaders, and the group started to take visible form. Democrats started to win seats on the Camp Hill District School Board. Then, in 2011, the first Democrat won a seat on Borough Council. All the while, this group, now Camp Hill Democrats, continued to grow. There was so much interest that we were able to form various committees. Our bylaws were written and formally adopted in 2018. Today, Camp Hill Democrats continues to grow and communicate with Democrats locally and around the state. We function to provide opportunities to meet, discuss, and take action on matters of present and future concern to residents of Camp Hill Borough, of Pennsylvania, and of the local and regional Democratic Party.

Our Officers

*Nick Giordano, Deputy Treasurer


Committee People

Precinct 1

Votes at Library

Kristen Acri


Kevin Mock


Precinct 2

Votes at Borough Hall

Diana Bermingham


Tom Conners


Precinct 3

Votes at Camp Hill Presbyterian Church

Maggie Loyd


Charlie Wilson


Precinct 4

Votes at Camp Hill Presbyterian Church

Liz Reilly


Kim Hoover


Precinct 5

Votes at CHSD Admin Bldg

Ron Aker


Kenley Potts


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