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“Whatever community organization, whether it’s a women’s organization, or fighting for racial justice …

you will get satisfaction out of doing something

to give back to the community that you never get in any other way.”

~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg


  • Volunteer Committee Chair: see description below

  • CHSD School Board Meeting Liaison: This volunteer is expected to attend School Board meetings and report key information/issues to membership at the Camp Hill Dems membership monthly meeting.

  • Camp Hill Borough Council Meeting Liaison: This volunteer is expected to attend Borough Council meetings and report key information/issues to membership at the monthly Camp Hill Dems membership meeting.


If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Co-chair Juliet Moringiello. Her contact information is hereYou can also use the contact form below.

Camp Hill Dems Committee Structure:

Current Camp Hill Dems committees -- all committees rely on volunteers to accomplish their important goals.


Advocacy Committee:

The Advocacy Committee provides updates to the members of the Camp Hill Democrats about issues that the membership cares about in promoting the ideals, policies, and candidates of the Democratic Party. The Advocacy Committee also tracks the activities of democratic and progressive organizations in the Central Pennsylvania region and provides information about these organizations’ events to the Camp Hill Democrats membership.

Candidate Support Committee:

The Candidate Support Committee keeps members of Camp Hill Dems informed on scheduled elections and is instrumental in guiding efforts to recruit Democratic candidates for local offices. This committee then works with other committees to promote our candidates.


Communications Committee:

The Communications Committee supports the work of Camp Hill Dems Officers and Committees that wish to disseminate information to Members and Friends of Camp Hill Democrats as well as the public via our website and social media. 

Community Service Committee:

The Community Service Committee plans and carries out activities that work for the benefit of Camp Hill Borough residents and organizations. 


Events Committee: 

The Events Committee develops and maintains an annual plan for both community events and fundraising events. The goal of fundraising events is to raise the money necessary to meet the planned annual budget for general operating expenses and candidate support efforts. The goal of community events is to create opportunities for Camp Hill Borough residents to get to know their neighbors. Approved events are carried out by the Events Committee and other interested volunteers. 

GOTV Committee:

The GOTV Committee works to maximize the turnout of registered Democrats and Independents in Camp Hill Borough to vote in primary and general elections, either in person or by mail. Committee members work in coordination with registration efforts and candidate recruitment to identify and support candidates and provide the community with information that supports their election.


Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee advises the Officers and members on membership recruitment, onboarding, engagement, and retention strategies. The committee also seeks to match new members with appropriate tasks that can either be accomplished in a short amount of time or with those tasks that are ongoing. The Membership Chair works closely with Officers, to plan membership drives and special events for prospective members. The Chair sets the goals with input from Co-chairs and other officers. 

Voter Registration Committee:

The Voter Registration Committee works to increase the number of Democratic voter registrations in Camp Hill Borough. This committee works closely with the Precinct Committee People.

Contact Us to Volunteer

Thanks for contacting us!

There are many other ways to help Camp Hill Democrats meet their goals. Here are just a few:

  • Create materials to be handed out at the polls 

  • Create and distribute door hangers and mailers

  • Reach out to new Camp Hill residents and unregistered voters

  • Recruit candidates to run for office 

  • Hold candidate events

  • Canvass and help with phone banking

  • Volunteer at the polls

  • Contribute financially ~ above and beyond annual dues


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