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Hershey Indivisible Virtual Event - Wednesday, May 15, 6:30 pm

David Nickerson HIT.jpg

Dr. David Nickerson
How Effective Campaigns
Mobilize Supporters and GOTV

David Nickerson will share valuable insights from his years of research into the minds of voters, how campaigns and organizations like Indivisible can design effective Get Out the Vote (GOTV) operations, and how to craft effective messaging.  

David is Professor of Political Science at Temple University where his research focuses on voter psychology, campaign behavior, and research methods.  David is a pioneer in using field experiments to measure the effectiveness of campaign tactics.  During over 24 years of work as an academic and practitioner, he has conducted more than a thousand field experiments with grassroots organizations, unions, political campaigns, and governments.   He served as the Director of Experiments in the 2012 Obama campaign and played a similar role for the Clinton campaign in 2016.  

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